Since 2009, Carole’s love of birds and nature’s gatherings and groupings have inspired her to create suspended sculptures that attempt to capture the natural motions of birds, fish and other phenomena.
She works with Architects, Interior Designers and home owners to create unique art installations on commission.

Autumn Vine Leaf Chandelier

Feature in Swiss wine merchant’s tasting room. 80 tinted resin leaves with stalks and tendrils surround 3 LED pendant lights, suspended from polished stainless steel support.

Shell Sculpture

Bantry Bay residence. Thousands of white, grey and charcoal shells suspended above new exterior living area.

Clifton Bungalow Shoal

Clifton Beach bungalow
Shoal of white fish above stairway in bungalow – mirror backdrop.

Steenberg Grapes

Bistro 1682 at Steenberg Winery, Cape Town
2700 red and green grapes cast in clear, tinted resin with inlaid pips, strung directly to ceiling with custom lighting.

Southbroom Gulls

Southbroom Beach residence.
30 life sized gulls, painted to client’s specifications and strung directly to slab above double volume living area – seen from most rooms in the house against the backdrop of the sea and sky.
The birds are also visible from the beach below.

Waterfall Birds

Kyalami Home Show
90 birds in flight.

My Process

Carole sculpts individual pieces, makes moulds and casts in a durable substance – opaque or clear with tints, usually sandblasted to achieve a matte effect – before suspending the pieces in a pre-designed pattern to represent a frozen moment in time.

Sculpture Designs

The client may use one of my existing objects or I can sculpt something new, however, every installation I make is original in its structure, which I can make and send to the client to be installed by them or I can install it myself on site.

Materials and Colours

I cast the fish, birds etc from a weatherproof, durable substance to achieve a matte ceramic-like finish or a clear glass-like finish that can be left glossy or sandblasted. Colours to match the client’s paint or fabric references and are included in the mixture. This allows the Interior Designer to offer their client an original installation that perfectly complements their interior design.

Friezes or Suspended Sculptures

Attaching to a wall or panel that is then attached to the wall OR suspending directly to a ceiling or to a panel or bulkhead on the ceiling. Almost anything is possible, it all depends on the effect we decide we want.


Lights can be included within the sculpture or it can be lit separately.

Contact Carole Carr

Telephone:  083 267 9732

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